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Lynn Jacobs - Instructional Coach

RCS Technology Department Mission Statement
Distance Learners FAQ
Below you will find FAQ and answers about distance learning.  Smyrna West Alternative School will do everything to ensure a quality education for our distance learners.
Temporary Distance Learners Due to Quarantine
Q: My student has been temporarily quarantined, now what do I do?
A: Your student uses the same platforms in the traditional setting that our distance learners use, so this should be a smooth transition in terms of where to find assignments. All teachers will be notified when a student is temporarily quarantined. 
Login Issues:
Q: What is my student's password?
A: Your student's password is the student number at the top of the student's schedule. If the student number has a series of zeroes in the front (ex: 0000004009979) the password would be the number AFTER the series of zeroes. In this case, the password would be 4009979).
Q: What if the student's number is all zeroes?
A: Your student's password is the word 'password' all lowercase.
Q: What should I do if my student is having a hard time accessing Clever and their student email?
A: Please check in Skyward to ensure your student's username and email match. Example: if your student's username is jsmith000 their email should be If you find an error, please contact Mrs. Jacobs.
Q: What should I do if my student is not able to login to Clever (I keep getting the 'uh-oh' message)?
A: Option 1: Try clearing out your browser history and logging in to Clever again to see if this helps with the issue.
Option 2: Try using the Microsoft Edge browser.
Option 3: Try using Chrome in incognito mode.
Q: What if the above suggestion doesn't work and I still cannot get into Clever?
A: Please email
Q: I just registered at school, but I still cannot login or access anything on the computer.
A: Please allow 24 hours after registration for all information to sync.
Amplify Issues:
Q: What if my student is not able to login to Amplify?
A: First, try chatting with the Amplify help desk. They provide almost immediate feedback. If not, email
Device Issues:
Q: I am using a chromebook and am having a hard time accessing the appropriate programs. Any suggestions?
A: Open your office365 by going to then try Clever and other RCS programs.
Communication with Teacher:
Q: How should my student get in touch with their teacher?
A: Your student should email their teachers if they have any questions.