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Promotion Information

In order to move through the program at Smyrna West, students are expected to complete the following at each level. Students must also complete the "Request to Advance" form found on the back of each Tracking Sheet.
  1. Day 1-ish
    *Within the first week of your attendance at Smyrna West, you are required to write a letter of introduction which will be sent to the faculty and staff. Follow the instructions on the attached template.

    *You must also complete the Student Services Survey

  2. Go to Level 2
    *Pass the Level Promotion Test:  

    You may attempt this test ONCE each day when you have reached your PROMOTION DAYS. It shouldn't be too difficult to pass if you've read through your handbook and are aware of the rules. Ask any teacher for permission to take it when you've completed your class assignments.

  3. Go to Level 3
    *Fill out the Growth Reflection Graphic Organizer (attached below).

  4. Go to Level 4
    *Write the Persuasive Letter (following the template) to convince the administration that you have earned Level 4 status.

  5. Consideration for Release
    *When you reach at least 600 points on Level 4, you will need to fill out the "On Target" form and give it to Mrs. Sides or Mrs. Atkin. Print it out (you'll find it in the list of attachments below) or ask Mrs. Messerly for a copy of this form.

    *Complete the Student Services Exit Survey